#4: The importance of trust and how to track it.

With Tim Page-Bottorff, Senior Consultant at SafeStart

Tim Page-Bottorff is an influential figure in the safety space. Not only is he a senior consultant at SafeStart, but he's also the director-at-large on the ASSP Board of Directors, an author, motivational speaker, lecturer, and fellow podcaster. With more than 20 years of occupational health, safety, and environmental experience, Tim's got a lot of tactical advice for today's aspiring safety leaders.




Tim Page-Bottorff has a relationship-based approach to health and safety. In this episode, we discuss:

  • Who he is and what he does [00:00:49];
  • The breakdown of his workload [00:01:28];
  • What SafeStart does [00:01:51];
  • As a consultant, how does he set his baseline and which metrics does he measure? [00:04:37];
  • How to track more qualitative metrics such as workers' sense of security [00:07:48];
  • How he handles pushback from workers with committee fatigue [00:10:44];
  • How he makes sure that he holds himself accountable for the feedback he receives [00:15:14];
  • Different types of observation feedback systems [00:21:14];
  • The importance of measuring trust [00:27:47];
  • How to measure trust [00:29:11];
  • Tools you can implement to see positive change in the workplace [00:39:29];
  • What Tim recommends that you spend less time on [00:43:46];
  • The importance of networking and having conversations [00:48:13];
  • How he explains what he does to his family [00:49:16];
  • More.

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