#8: Think like a mountaineer.

With Eric Meyer, Health & Safety Manager at Crusoe Energy

Eric is currently heading up safety at Crusoe Energy, a digital flare mitigation company. They’ve got a Silicon Valley-type backing and yet, at the same time, they still have a lot of overlap with traditional safety practices. Find out how he runs safety in this unique environment.




Eric approaches work with a little bit more mindfulness and with a bigger picture so that the organization can have a bigger impact. Find out:

  • Where he works and what he does [00:01:15];
  • What “digital flare mitigation” means [00:01:54];
  • How Crusoe got started [00:05:15];
  • Eric’s unusual journey into the health and safety space [00:09:27];
  • How to make sure everyone gets home safe, regardless of their background [00:14:36];
  • How he sees himself growing at Crusoe [00:23:18];
  • What surprised Eric when he first started working at Crusoe [00:31:33];
  • How he goes after proactive, operational insight [00:38:23];
  • Why should you think like a mountaineer? [00:42:58];
  • Why you should always give context to your requests [00:52:38];
  • What’s the next thing he’s going to focus on as the company grows? [00:54:20];
  • Vacancies at Crusoe [00:59:38];
  • More.
Interested in joining the team at Crusoe? Check out their open positions: crusoeenergy.com/careers

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