#7: How to find your voice in safety.

With Jeff Maccarella, Regional Director of Operations at American Water

Jeff Maccarella is the Regional Director of Operations for American Water, a publicly traded utility company. In this episode, he shares his journey from the lab to the safety space and now to the operations side of the business. Find out how he found his voice in safety, what he wished he'd spent more time on as an HSE professional, and several recommendations that you can take with you to your workplace.




Jeff Maccarella has around 15 years of industry experience. Join us as he reflects on his journey through health and safety:

  • Who he is and where he works [00:01:21];
  • What employees at American Water do on a day-to-day and what Jeff is in charge of [00:02:42];
  • What took him from the lab to the safety space and now to operations [00:05:04];
  • The scale of the business and the regional group he runs now [00:11:07];
  • The qualities that helped convince management that he's the right person for the job [00:14:52];
  • His thoughts on whether or not we can effectively manage health and safety without thinking about things more holistically [00:18:00];
  • How he tries to keep members in operations on the same page as their health and safety counterparts [00:20:44];
  • How he found his voice in safety [00:30:43];
  • What he would say to those who claim they don't have enough time or energy to build meaningful relationships with their teammates [00:34:40];
  • A story that has helped Jeff think about the way he conceptualizes safety [00:38:49];
  • How he takes his soft skills and translates them into results [00:42:45];
  • His thoughts on the "getting to zero" idea in safety [00:50:45];
  • His advice to those whose current environment embodies a "blame culture" framework [00:53:02];
  • What he wishes he had spent more time on when he had a health and safety leadership role [00:55:11];
  • Words of encouragement from Jeff [01:00:00];
  • More.

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