#9: Why adopt a business-centric approach to safety?

With Stephanie Benay, Director of Safety at BC Hydro

Having worked in the health and safety industry for over 25 years, Stephanie Benay is one of the industry's leading figures and is currently the Director of Safety at BC Hydro. In this episode, she explains the importance of talking about safety in the language of business, how systems should be built to accommodate human behaviour, and her involvement in the Women in Occupational Health and Safety Society.




How has working in the aviation, oil & gas, and utility industries shaped the way that Stephanie Benay approaches safety? Listen to find out.

  • Her current role, where she is, and what she does [00:01:27];
  • Her career journey to date [00:02:30];
  • The maturity of oil & gas safety systems versus the safety systems of utilities [00:04:58];
  • How her experience in aviation and oil & gas has shaped her approach to safety at BC Hydro [00:06:39];
  • The safety group pillars and reporting lines, and BC Hydro’s unique safety program [00:07:55];
  • Staff figures and how these are evolving [00:09:25];
  • The operational risk environment for safety professionals in the utility industry [00:11:40];
  • The support structures that allow her to maximize her productivity [00:15:22];
  • The importance of understanding your role, communicating expectations clearly and concisely, and having a learning culture [00:17:41];
  • What makes a good leader and a good follower [00:21:02];
  • Talking about safety in the language of business [00:26:12];
  • How to present yourself as an effective safety professional [00:33:03];
  • Work orders, the language of risk management, and understanding the value of metrics [00:36:34];
  • BC Hydro’s leading indicators and how they monitor higher hazard activities [00:38:48];
  • The 5 W’s of safety systems [00:46:07];
  • How BC Hydro trains for continued proficiency [00:47:46];
  • How the rapid development in technology is impacting the safety industry [00:49:51];
  • Her involvement in the Women in Occupational Health and Safety Society [00:59:19];
  • Rapid fire questions [01:10:10];
  • More.
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