#5: Never stop learning if you want to be open and equipped to make change.

With Stephen Hall, Director of EHS Canada at AFL

Steve Hall is the Director of EHS Canada at AFL, a global telecommunications provider. In this episode, he shares some successful strategies he’s implemented, how he handles pushback, and why he manages a lean team, among other tactics that you’ll be able to put to the test in your workplace.




Steve Hall is constantly learning and big on sharing what he’s learned with others in the safety space. In this episode, we discuss:

  • His role [00:01:07];
  • Size of AFL globally [00:01:50];
  • Health and safety strategy at AFL [00:02:47];
  • Scenarios that are challenging to proceduralize [00:04:04];
  • Who he reports to, how his progress is measured, what he’s in charge of [00:06:14];
  • Who his direct reports are and why he chose to structure their responsibilities the way he did [00:09:12];
  • Why he defines his team as “lean” [00:12:52];
  • Changes he implemented that didn’t have much pushback [00:17:10];
  • What he thinks can and can’t be replaced by virtual solutions [00:17:51];
  • When he makes changes to improve efficiency, do his metrics that workers report on support the change? [00:22:40];
  • How he presents his business cases externally to get more buy-in for his propositions [00:27:20];
  • Example of a successful business case that could be transferable to other businesses [00:30:05];
  • The metrics he uses to measure the success of those reporting to him [00:35:47];
  • Why he tracks hazard assessment reviews [00:38:31];
  • How hazard assessments work [00:38:54];
  • The technology his team uses [00:42:40];
  • The goals for AFL from a safety perspective [00:45:51];
  • What safety professionals should spend less energy on [00:50:16];
  • How he explains what he does to his family [00:52:09];
  • A program that he recommends all safety professionals take [00:54:47];
  • More.

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