#1: How to get the pulse of safety in your business.

With James Pomeroy, Director of Global Health & Safety

In the first episode, host Joe Meadows talks to Global Health and Safety Leader, James Pomeroy. They cover how EHS has gotten way too proceduralized and some techniques that you can use to drive innovation and continuous improvement on your team. James also shares the one technique that he would advise you to try out to get the pulse of safety in your business.




James Pomeroy has a storied career in safety. In this episode, we discuss:

  • His current role and details about his organization (what they do, the size, etc.) [00:00:58];
  • The headcount of the organization [00:02:02];
  • What's the transition been like, coming from Lloyd's Register [00:03:24];
  • Insight into the org. structure at his current organization [00:05:24];
  • Diving deeper into his role as Director of Global Health & Safety [00:08:04];
  • His strategy for listening to multiple regions [00:10:25];
  • The people he involves in discussions regarding each region [00:12:58];
  • Comparing where he is now in this engineering space to the maritime space in the past [00:14:45];
  • When talking to the commercial interests in the regional groups, do they ask for qualitative or quantitative metrics? [00:16:20];
  • Weak or strong points in the organization that were surprising, coming from a very different context [00:17:49];
  • Mechanisms to move away from when adopting the freedom within a framework methodology [00:21:33];
  • Metrics to measure innovation by [00:25:26];
  • Do critical risk environments require rules or principles? [00:28:52];
  • Mechanisms that you can put in place to check on the rules to make sure there aren't too many layers [00:32:38];
  • How to triage results from auditors in a way that doesn't add complexity in a reactionary way [00:41:53];
  • Is there something that companies should be measuring or should be adding to the way that they evaluate their business to keep them from getting distracted by external factors? [00:44:36];
  • Do we do enough to solicit feedback from the workforce? [00:51:06];
  • The key traits people should have when coming into a safety role [00:54:00];
  • More.

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