#2: Don't report for the sake of reporting.

With Shane Menefee, Director of EHS at Legrand

In today's episode, host Joe Meadows sits down with Shane Menefee. Shane's newly heading up safety at Legrand—a global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructure. It's a big company with roughly 10,000 employees, so they deal with big challenges, such as M&A. Join us as we dive into how Shane has started to triage the situation, what he's focused on going forward, what metrics he thinks matter, and what metrics he thinks are a waste of time.




Shane Menefee has been doing environmental health and safety for over 20 years. His entire career has been built around environmental health and safety, in one aspect or another, and he's been really industry agnostic. In this episode, we discuss:

  • His background: who he is, where he works [00:00:53];
  • What Legrand does and how they make money [00:02:06];
  • The size of the company [00:02:58];
  • How long he's been there [00:03:51];
  • The current EHS strategy at Legrand [00:04:06];
  • The organizational chart at Legrand: who reports to him [00:05:42];
  • How many people and sites he's responsible for [00:07:26];
  • How he makes sure local EHS professionals understand where he's trying to bring them to [00:09:24];
  • Examples of what he's done since joining Legrand to get the pulse of where the various sites are today: how he checks in with the teams to make sure that he can push them in the right direction [00:10:33];
  • How he goes into one-on-ones with front-line workers [00:12:30];
  • Common feedback that he's received [00:13:55];
  • What he's looking to measure to help people understand that they're measuring the efficacy of the work rather than just reporting to report [00:16:06];
  • How he's building the relationship with the broader executive team to get them to buy in on the fact that they're not only all working together on a business level, but they're also working to make a positive change together [00:21:43];
  • How he tries to help management understand that putting some money into his department will lead to a return for the business [00:25:53];
  • What he measures to bring data-driven arguments with leadership [00:28:28];
  • Does he talk about turnover on a site-by-site basis? [00:32:48];
  • How does he measure turnover? [00:34:51];
  • Easily available data that has been helpful for him in driving real performance in his organization [00:35:33];
  • How he makes sure that his safety team meets those metrics that can speak to the organization [00:37:18];
  • Does he make sure that his team communicates metrics in the same way that he does? [00:39:21];
  • On a shorter timescale, for example, weekly or monthly, how does he check in on worksites? [00:42:03];
  • Is there anything that he's ever stopped measuring, which resulted in positive change? [00:46:13];
  • How he balances making the necessary changes to ensure that the organization is focused on the right things while ensuring that the team still feels secure despite the changes [00:50:08];
  • How he involves his team at Legrand in the decision-making process [00:53:37];
  • The characteristics that he's looking for from somebody on his team that would make them successful in this space [00:59:44];
  • What he's looking forward to in the next year [01:02:01];
  • More.


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