#17: The who, what, why, where, when (and how all impact risk) of safety.

With Peter Jenkins, Group Health and Safety Manager at Dalziel

Having won 4 notable safety awards, including the British Frozen Food Federation 2022 Health & Safety Champion, Peter Jenkins is a safety leader to watch! In this week’s episode, he chats to Joe about his role as Group Health and Safety Manager at Dalziel, the pros and cons of qualitative and quantitative safety, and why he believes that creating a safety culture with sustainable impact requires a shared context.




Peter Jenkins believes that to create an impact, one needs to create a space where people are inspired to ask good questions, empowering them to make good decisions. Press play to hear more about his approach to safety communication, qualitative and quantitative safety, and much more!

  • Introduction to Peter Jenkins and Dalziel [00:02:05];
  • Insight into the British Environmental Health Degree and its US equivalent [00:04:21];
  • Peter explains the various products Dalziel supplies [00:05:28];
  • The catalyst that led to Dalziel needing a Group Health and Safety Manager [00:05:57];
  • Peter expands on his roles and responsibilities [00:08:04];
  • The unusual KPIs that Peter and the Dalziel executive team set for his role [00:10:18];
  • How Peter presented his KPIs to his executive team and how he reports on them [00:13:09];
  • Joe and Peter discuss the pros and cons of qualitative vs quantitative metrics [00:17:19];
  • How Peter measures success quantitatively and the metrics he hopes to track in the future [00:23:47];
  • Why Peter emphasized collaborative communication and the normalization of shared language [00:31:02];
  • How Peter measures impact [00:40:49];
  • Joe and Peter discuss the broader interconnected factors that affect health and safety, such as mental health [00:42:53];
  • Peter shares some of the resources that have shaped his approach to safety [00:52:50];
  • The structure Peter uses to keep himself accountable and how he communicates with his team [00:58:03];
  • Final thoughts from Joe and Peter [01:04:38];
  • & more.

Resources discussed in the episode:

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