#15: Is psychological safety a silver bullet for a sustainable safety culture?

With Chris Moulden, Corporate Safety Director of PSC’s Utilities West Segment

Chris Moulden started his career teaching military personnel how to escape sinking helicopters. Now he’s the Corporate Safety Director of PSC’s Utilities West Segment and is using his leadership and communication skills to create a proactive, sustainable safety-aware culture.




Hit play on this week's episode to hear Joe Meadows and Chris Moulden, Corporate Safety Director of PSC's Utilities West Segment, discuss safety leadership, communication innovation, and, most importantly, psychological safety in a way you've never heard before! 

  • How Larry Coots and Chris are connected [02:31];
  • Introduction to Chris Moulden and ARB Inc.[03:08];
  • ARB Inc. Safety Team Organogram [05:08];
  • Chris’s career path to date [06:28];
  • The lessons Chris learned while teaching egress training to military personnel [10:10];
  • Chris shares the process of teaching egress training [12:50];
  • How Chris’s experience with high-stress emergencies has influenced his approach to safety [18:33];
  • Chris’s tips for developing a calm mindset [19:40];
  • How Chris started his career in safety [21:15];
  • The soft skills that allowed Chris to stand out as a safety leader [26:58];
  • Chris’s safety team mission [29:54];
  • Joe and Chris discuss safety communication; how to encourage communication and how to become a better communicator [33:58];
  • Chris’s thoughts on metrics and the unintended consequences of metrics [38:00];
  • The technology that Chris and ARB Inc. use to improve workflows [45:03];
  • Chris’s tip’s on motivating innovation initiatives to senior executives [46:15];
  • Chris shares information on grant programs that are available in the US [48:40];
  • An introduction to Slice Knives and how Chris’s team is planning on using them as Chris shares his latest safety find: Slice Knives [50:15];
  • Chris discusses ARB Inc.’s active beta test with strobe brake lights [55:56];
  • Final remarks from Joe and Chris [59:45];
  • & more.



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