#6: Why having a blanket approach to safety doesn't work.

With James MacPherson, Chief Operational Risk Consultant at RiskFluent

James MacPherson is the Chief Operational Risk Consultant at RiskFluent, which is a startup fresh off the boat. For the past three years, he's also been running a podcast and a YouTube channel called Rebranding Safety. Within all that, he's been a safety professional working across various industries for over 10 years. Join us as we dissect real situations to uncover what we should and shouldn't be looking at to reframe how we think about safety in the workplace.




James MacPherson has a lot of experience in the safety space. From reading many academic papers to testing different strategies in the workplace, here's how he's trying to make a difference:

  • His current role and what his company does [1:03];
  • The consulting services he provides [2:37];
  • The value he provides to clients [4:34];
  • His thoughts on doing less, but better [11:49];
  • When should you not be thinking about safety? [17:23];
  • Why the fundamental role of a safety professional is about decision guidance [20:56];
  • Where he sees the opportunity for the safety space to establish some commonality in the terminologies [28:31];
  • How to get a good insight into how your team sees safety [39:00];
  • The importance of stress tests [47:16];
  • Why the absence of negativity doesn't necessarily mean that there's a presence of positivity [55:00];
  • Why having these kinds of conversations are beneficial to the safety space [59:17];
  • The regulators follow the people, so here's how James thinks you can make a difference [1:04:03];
  • More.


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