#13: The intersection of health, safety, and insurance.

With Crystal Danbury, Director of Group Safety & Insurance

With experience in Nuclear, Logistics, Rail, Security, Food, and Insurance, Crystal Danbury is a leader in the Safety industry. As the Director of Group Safety & Insurance for one of the biggest brands in the UK, she is at the forefront of health, safety, and insurance. In this episode, she shares stories from her career, discusses her life’s purpose, and gives her thoughts on the future of the Safety industry.




In this jam-packed episode, Joe and Crystal discuss everything from safety insurance, corporate risk management, and cognitive biases to how to present yourself when dealing with senior management. Hit play to take your safety career to the next level.

  • Introduction to Crystal Danbury [02:18];
  • Joe and Crystal swap stories from their experiences in the security sector [05:30];
  • Insight into Crystal’s insurance-related responsibilities [07:20];
  • Joe and Crystal discuss the actual cost of insurance [09:20];
  • Crystal shares her career purpose and the impact she hopes to have [16:31];
  • How Crystal uses her personality when communicating to an executive board [19:13];
  • The power of storytelling and how to use it to influence decision-makers [24:14];
  • What every employee can do to influence corporate risk management [31:21];
  • The role of safety professionals in reducing cognitive bias [39:30];
  • Managing the perception of risk [42:15];
  • Crystal’s thoughts on the future of the Safety Industry [46:00];
  • Crystal’s tips for up-and-coming safety professionals [50:30];
  • Final remarks from Joe and Crystal [56:35];
  • & more.

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