#10: Think about safety compliance as a baseline, not a finish line.

With Aimee Arsenault, Owner & Consultant at Transmit Safety

In this week's episode Joe Meadows and Aimee Arsenault, Owner & Consultant at Transmit Safety, discuss everything from auditing standards to the importance of understanding your organization's definition of risk and why widgets shouldn't be counted just for the sake of counting widgets!




Why do Safety Departments track widgets? And more importantly, does everyone involved understand why those widgets are being tracked? This week's guest, Aimee Arsenault (Owner & Consultant at Transmit Safety) gives us her insight into these questions and many, many more.

  • Introduction to Aimee Arsenault [00:00:54];
  • How Aimee started her career in Health and Safety [00:01:43];
  • Transmit safety’s ‘Help Coach Guide’ approach to workplace health and safety [00:04:27];
  • What makes Transmit Safety stand out in the Health and Safety consulting space [00:10:42];
  • Aimee’s views on audit standards [00:15:44];
  • The importance of Health and Safety as a benchmark for continuous improvement  [00:20:11];
  • Understanding how successful safety strategies can drive value for the businesses [00:22:21];
  • Thinking about safety metrics as tools for actionable change [00:25:47];
  • Aimee's thoughts on the auditing process and the importance of viewing auditing as bare minimum compliance [00:30:12];
  • Recommendations for choosing an independent auditor for your business [00:33:38];
  • Should regulators be held to a higher standard? [00:45:31];
  • How to get employees engaged with workplace health and safety programs [00:52:20];
  • How having different definitions for ‘risk’ impacts an organization's safety strategy [00:55:25];
  • Why Aimee cares about Health and Safety [01:04:32];
  • Aimee's top tips for Safety Professionals [01:06:33];
  • Aimee’s predictions for industry-wide disruptors [01:10:20];
  • More.
Connect with Aimee: transmitsafety.com

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