#12: How Amazon is using its technology, innovation, and expertise to improve safety.

With Heather MacDougall, VP of Workplace Health & Safety at Amazon

This week, Heather MacDougall, the Vice President of Workplace Health & Safety at Amazon, joins us on Safety Leaders Now. With a global workforce of 1.5 million, Heather is responsible for leading the 8,000 safety professionals who keep Amazon’s employees safe. Find out what it takes to lead the safety team behind the world's largest and most influential brand.




What's one of the things that Heather always does in her role? She's always thinking about how they can synthesize the great team that they have, and their health and safety expertise, combined with Amazon’s tech capability, to solve issues. Dive in to learn about:

  • Her current role, where she is, and what she does [02:00];
  • Her journey from the law space to safety [03:26];
  • The safety org chart and what her day-to-day looks like [06:18];
  • How she stays connected, leading so many people [10:08];
  • The importance of good, written communication [13:10];
  • How her legal background has played a role in the way her teams communicate [13:38];
  • The number of white papers she’s presented with each day [14:04];
  • Is there meaningful variation regionally in the way that health and safety is administered at Amazon? [15:16];
  • Metrics that Heather and her team track at Amazon [20:08];
  • How associates engage with the connection system [23:14];
  • The systems they use to respond to the feedback received from leadership [24:16];
  • Amazon's latest engagement tool, "Dragon Fly" [25:52];
  • Insight she’s looking forward to getting with their new observations application [27:13];
  • Her north star and other important metrics that she tries to always keep on top of [31:25];
  • Unique indicators that Amazon uses [33:03];
  • Lessons she learned as a leader during the pandemic [33:13];
  • Technology she’s excited about that could change the way that people make work safe [37:49];
  • & more.
Check out Amazon's first-ever safety report, Delivered with Care: safety.aboutamazon.com/delivered-with-care

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